February Week 2

First off, the first week banyak concentrate nak buat housewarming. Mama and papa terlebih nervous sebenarnya. Couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Me, I mean! Sambil-sambil tu sambut birthday Hana kecil-kecilan.


Moving on.

We went to PPAS library again. Mama suka library neh! Tapi apakan daya tak dapek nak explore lebih-lebih sebab sibuk mengejar Hana sana sini. >.>

We practice to write his full name. He already knows to write his name. He now knows he is 5 years old, Alhamdulillah. Kalau tak, orang tanya dia akan jawab tak tahu. Huhu.

He asked me to do origami horse, and we did using instructions here:Horse Origami Haris buat yang awal-awal, simple and I did the rest.


While we’re at that I printed nomenclature card for horse for Haris to learn a bit about horses. Get them here: Zoology Nomenclature Set by The Helpful Garden

Lapbook resources for Horse can be found at ImaanHomeschool.

This week, Haris been asking to do Math; addition & subtraction. Keeps asking me to print worksheets for him to do.ย I got the simple worksheets here.

Worksheets for Kids

Dan Haris habiskan buku ni. This is actually a good book. Colourful and visually attractive. I got it cheap at Big Bad Wolf last year and the rest of it can be found at Book Xcess.



Playing Math game on the computer.

I make him look into the mirror and draw himself. And he drew mine as well. Lukisan dia dah ada variety sket dah. Kalau perempuan, ada bulu mata. ๐Ÿ˜€


Next day, dia minta nak buat boat pulak. So, I taught him to make one. Jadi pepagi lagi dah gi mandi kolam sambil bawa paper boat dia.

20140212_101123 20140212_101127

Continuing we make Sink or Float. Gather a few items around the house to do the experiment. Ha. Waktu masak tengahari selalunya jadi waktu science experiment Haris.


Rest of the week.


20140214_110524ย 20140214_172302

Bedtime Talk

Last year, when Haris was in school (which means he was 3 turning 4), I often asked him during bedtime what he did at school, etc. We’ll talk about lots of things. The convo that I remembered most is, when I asked him was:

“Mata untuk apa?” He answered something else I couldn’t recall.
Then I closed his eyes and asked.
“Nampak tak?”
“Tak nampak! Untuk tengok mama!”
“Telinga?” He answered something random again, then tutup telinga dia and I talked.
He understands now and shouts “Untuk dengar!”

“Good! Mulut?”
“Bau busuk!” =.=

A Week Break

Since there’s a guest in Haris room, we decided to take a week break. On Sunday, we went to 1001 Inventionsย at Pusat Sains Negara.


On Wednesday, we went to PPAS for a sharing session by ByRoadtoMalaysia, organised by MHsN. We met many homeschoolers there. Walaupun banyak ketinggalan (Haris being fussy, Hana being busy) tapi banyak juga ilmu yang dapat, Alhamdulillah.


Inside the Caravan.

This one day, rasanya hari Khamis, setelah lama tak ada “structured learning”, petang tu, tiba-tiba Haris masuk bilik dia, took out Math workbook and did the exercise himself! I was impressed, seriously. He asked for me not to look, tapi ada juga Haris datang dan bertanyakan macamana nak buat. When he finished, he went back to his room, took out other apparatus to do. After that, he went back again and took out pattern blocks. And did these by himself.




Reading – Week 3

For weeks now, agak mencari-cari juga macamana nak ajar Haris membaca? To read in English and Malay pula macamana? He already knows alphabets, and knows each sound. Since I already decided to use 100 Easy Lessons, let’s just go with it, I thought. Tapi Haris macam tak berminat. Kejap-kejap sangat dia concentrate. Buku-buku pulak, pun kejap juga pandang. Tapi bila cuba juga baca depan dia banyak kali, last-last dia tengok juga and he only looks at the picture and only interested in what’s happening in the pictures than read pastu buat cerita dia sendiri. Takpe. Pelan-pelan. Insha Allah, moga dia minat dengan buku-buku nanti.

So, I came across Progressive Phonics. A free reading programme. Since he already knows alphabets, I skipped that and printed Beginner Phonics Book 1: Short Vowel a.

To make it interesting for him, this is how we did it. First I identified the words used. -at family. at, bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat. I wrote those words on paper and paste it on our sliding door.


I then printed pictures for each word.


Fold them and we draw to determine what we have to shoot. Teach him to read and increase his vocab at the same time. ^^



I actually wrote points for each word. 1-3. If he gets to shoot the word, he gets the point. Learning addition. ๐Ÿ˜€


We also use Starfall for reading practice.


He’s been doing his IQRA’ with Papa, tapi dia menghafal dan tidak mengenal huruf. Sure, he can recite until ‘Ya’. Tapi bila randomly asked yang mana, yang mana dia tak dapat jawab. I’ve been thinking cemana nak buat. Lightbulb! I got an idea! Use BINGO! Lol. I’m so going to use Bingo for everything now because he enjoys it. So we covered Alif til zal.

Rest of the week.






Practice phonic with Starfall.


Bubble time together with Hana.
20140123_114606 20140123_123724

Pattern blocks sampai and he spent more than 1 hour doing it! ^^

20140124_162124 20140124_162752 20140124_162939 20140124_164853

Pretend play.


Homemade playdough.


Boardgame time.


Week 2

A bit downer this week. Not much done. Haris being moody and lazy all week. He misses his friends.ย  ๐Ÿ™

We’re not following any theme this week. Banyak ikut lead Haris.

Still reciting dan betulkan bacaan Surah al-Fatihah dan Surah an-Naas.

Because he refused to work on workbooks, cuba ajak dia counting to 100 and he hops along and he’s getting better at counting and recognising the numbers.
Yang ni, he insist on counting semua. =.=;
100 chart printable
100 pocket chart

Papa outstation ke Penang. So we went to PPAS Library. Got these books.

I especially like “One” book by Stone Faruq.

Walaupun pada siang hari, he refused to do math or reading activities or whatever I suggested, (except messy play), ada satu malam tu, eager pulak dia buat math workbook tu.

Topics from the book:
Big and little
In, on, under –ย lemah
Long, short, tall
Heavy and Light
Full or Empty?
Three bears (sequencing)
Counting (til 5)
Circles, Triangles, Squares – lemah
Shapes & colours
Up & Down

We did these:
Gooey Slime
Mula-mula geli. Seminit sekali basuh tangan. Tapi dekat sejam jugak dia main siap modified macam chef masakan shooting video. Spices bagai.


Hana pun join painting. And I’m seriously thinking Hana punya montessori lesson plan juga. 20140116_100908

We tried magnet activity juga. Filled paper clips and coins in a bottle half-filled with water. Tied the magnet dengan tali and the other end to spoon and he fished out those items out of bottle. Fun! Ideas from here.

Rest of the days besides gadgets.
He is so into building and incorporates whatever toys he has. Improvements! Kalau tak jangan harap.


Week 1

Theme: Allah Created Me
Letter of the Week: H
Quran: Surah an-Naas
Hadith: Smile is Charity

Ada buat jadual harian untuk Neeq. Tapi mula-mula untuk biasakan Neeq tu, *sigh*. Neeq pula cepat bosan lagi. Tapi selalu ingatkan diri, “Takpe, pelan-pelan. At least he’s learning something everyday, rather than just watching TV and iPad.” Tengah dalam misi mengurangkan aktiviti itu.

Untuk morning exercise, we’re using this routine: Morning Exercise It’s old, tapi sebab Mama ni a self-proclaimed avid Korean-Japan Drama fans, jadi terpaksalah Neeq ikutin jua. Hikhik. Cuma maybe next time, Mama akan cari lagu yang sesuai dan catchy. (And no Neeq, jangan harap Oppa Gangnam Style, OK? =.=) Dalam minggu ni, baru sekali buat sebenarnya, because he’s just not interested. Takpe, minggu depan cuba lagi.

Dan Asmaaul-Husna. I think I should add National Anthem as well?

Lepas tu, Daily Calendar, buat versi sendiri tapi dia tak berminat juga I think because he’s just used to be doing the daily calendar from 1+1+1=1, Mama kena buat semula sebab nak masukkan juga kalendar Islam dalam tu.

We’re using all free printables from the net and respectables homeschool blogs.

These are what we have used this week:

I’m trying the book “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” and I made flashcards to go with the book. We only made it until Lesson 2. And I’m going to have to tweak the flashcards a bit. It bores him to look at the book full of words. T.T Will share it when it’s done, In sha Allah.

Learn Allah in English words by Talibiddeen Jr.
Note: To learn in Arabic next.

About Me Theme Pack by A muslim child is born’s blog.

H is for Hippo from 1+1+1=1.

More Letter H activities here.
Because 6 pcs puzzles was easy for him. So I cut it to 12pcs puzzles.

Letter H maze

Letter Hunt

Since he’s so into cutting, we used cutting worksheets from here, Aussie Childcare Network.

Math activities using Bingo, number 21-45.

We bought Kinetic Sand from Annahlu Therakids, Melaka. Arrived on Thursday. He spent hours playing on it.

Saw a RM1.00 little magnet set at a stationery store. He likes it and I asked him to identify what attracts and what not around the house. I guess next time we’ll try more activities with it.

Went to the Dinosaur exhibition at Shah Alam Museum. It was on weekdays and there was no people around. Separuh jalan jer, sebab Neeq ketakutan. It was dark and gory. ^^;

We made Jetfire Origami.

We made a house for the word H, but ended up being a Transformer’s den. =.=;

IQRA’ with Papa.

20140111_172843 (1)

The rest of the days, he’s so into Transformers. Watching stop motion videos and make his own playscenes. But always ended up with Papa pulling his hair, because small parts keep coming off. LOL.

20140114_095645 20140114_101037

To do:
Lagu yang sesuai untuk morning exercise.
National Anthem.

Re-do Daily Learning Notebook.
Dry/Wet Erase Marker.

100 Easy Lessons flashcards.

Math for a start.

A week has passed since the home learning starts. I have yet to complete our schedule and curriculum. It’ll keep evolving surely, to follow Haris’s and Hana’s lead.

While I was researching which curriculum to use. There is a good review for Math U See and Singapore Math. Both are expensive to purchase here sebab shipping cost boleh jadi lagi mahal daripada what we’re purchasing. T_T

Tapi dalam tengah-tengah mencari tu, I came across this post . So now I think I now where to start at least. For Haris to learn numbers and to count until 100.
Dan Hana juga boleh juga slow-slow kenalkan nombor. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jadi wishlist: *part ni buat papa berpeluh. Harhar*
Animal Counters
IQ Maths
Early Singapore Math

Flash Card Holder
Scotch Laminatorย *bought here instead Geha Laminator