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    Mixing Colors Resources

    Rainbows di Trillium Montessori Color Mixing Science Experiment di Montessori by Hand Color Mixing Practical Life di Education of Ours Color Theory di Beautiful Sun Montessori Color Mixing di My Montessori Journey Color Mixing with Model Magic…

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    Mata / Eyes Resources

    Info: Kids Health Ducksters Printables:  Experiments & Activities: Vision Experiment di 123Homeschool4Me Eyepatch Ideas di Stay at Home Educator Human Eye Activities di The Crafty Classroom DIY Eye Puzzle di Chalk Academy Blind Spot di…

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    Earth Day Resources

    7 Good Resources for Teaching and Learning About Earth Day Blog: Activities Active Ways to Celebrate Earth Day di Carrots are Orange 20 Earth Day Activities di Playdough to Plato Engaging Earth Day…

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    Fall Activities for Kids : Fizzing Apple Art Apples posts Life Cycle Apples Apple Tree Craft Start One Red Apple Rotting Apples 50 Activities All About Apples Apple Preschool Science Experiments

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    Goals PK: Understands units money & recognise related symbols (RM, cents) K-2: Understands RM1=10x10sen etc K-2: Using concrete materials is able to count in units of money (eg counts 3 quarters as 75…