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Alam Animalia (Resources)


Vertebrates & Invertebrates

Vertebrate Basic by Biology For Kids
Animal Classification
Vertebrate Chart
The Animal Kingdom by Kidport
Animal Groups – Vertebrate & Invertebrate
Animal Kingdom at Barry4Kids

Pengelasan Haiwan – Nexus Xpress
Living Things – Ensiklopedia Mini Sains
Dimensi Sains al-Quran
Pengelasan Haiwan
Pengelasan Haiwan II
Pengelasan Haiwan Bertulang Belakang Vertebrata

Introduce Invertebrates and Vertebrates to Kids
Montessori Cards: Vertebrates-Invertebrates
Animal Kingdom Notebooks by OurWorldWideClassroom
Animal Classification Wall Chart & Lapbook (link on the page)
The Study of Animals Series at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Vertebrates and Invertebrates – Montessori style at Nurturing Learning
Free Printable Vertebrates Dominoes at Deceptively Educational
A unit on Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Lesson plan
Zoology by All in One Homeschool

Further Read:
Invertebrate vs Vertebrate 

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