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    Decimal System: 1, 10, 100 and 1000

    With Golden Beads

    Day 1


    I wish I could buy the perfect golden beads tray, but so expensive! We already have unit and hundred from colored bead stairs, DIY 10-beads, and DIY golden thousand cubes. I see the important of having the real one, since he can’t digest it at first the thousand beads ^^;;;;

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    Ordinal Numbers


    Introduce Haris pada Ordinal Numbers. Had to use what interests him to gain his interest. Lol. Jadi minta dia susun superheroes-superherosnya pada ranking yang dia rasa siapa paling kuat hingga lemah.

    *Bring me the third ball and bring me three balls*

    Update: 2 Mar 2015
    After three days (reviewing), he still can’t grasp the difference between ordinal and cardinal. Will try again somewhere in the future.

    Resource: Math is Fun!
    Singapore Math
    Math Mammoth

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    Telling Time 1

    Haris: 5 Years

    Haris dah boleh baca jam by hour dan half an hour. Masih belum tahu minit dan saat.  Pukul 3. Pukul 3.30. But I never really properly introduced him about time. So, we discussed about seconds this morning. Macamana jarum saat tu pusing, cukupkan satu pusingan sebanyak 60 kali dan jarum panjang akan bergerak and told him that was minute and when the minute cukupkan satu pusingan pula, jadi jam.

    Penguin from Making Learning.


    Put students in pairs. Use the timer. One student counts how many times their partner can clap in ten seconds. Then reverse the roles and do it again.
    Jog in place for one minute. Is a minute longer or shorter than a second? The minute hand goes around one time each minute.
    Now show your students that you are setting a timer for one hour. That means that the minute hand will go around sixty times. Ask them to predict what they will be doing when the timer goes off. Write down some predictions.

  • Mathematics

    Tangrams & Pattern Blocks

    Both are manipulatives that teach reasoning, logic, planning, visual/spatial skills, geometric concepts, and other mathematical concepts.


    • 6 bentuk dan warna: yellow hexagons, orange squares, green triangles, red trapezoids, blue parallelograms, and tan rhombuses.
    • Digunakan untuk ajar bentuk-bentuk geometri dan hubung kait.
    • Digunakan juga untuk membentuk linear patterns yang membolehkan anak-anak untuk sambung, copy, atau vary the provided guide. They fit together to make large triangles or hexagons. I find these are the best manipulative for beginning math geometric concepts because of their simplicity and versatility.


    • 2 large triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square, and 1 parallelogram.
    • Together these shapes form a large square. Tangrams are most useful for elementary students through adults in building spatial sense.
    • Can be quite difficult for students who have difficulty with visual/spatial skills.
    • Often these students benefit from pattern blocks and simpler activities before advancing to tangrams.

    Source: Wisdom Seekers Homeschool

    According to Parenting Science tangrams puzzle may improve spatial skills and boost mathematics performance. Read more here.

    Tangrams yang kami beli yang kecil di kedai buku dekat rumah ni dalam RM5. Pattern blocks beli di website USL Education. Yang ni diperbuat dari plastik dan ringan jadi agak bising bila main dan licin yang mana frustrates the kids. Kalau nak beli I’d suggest beli yang wooden instead. Boleh beli di sini. 

    Wooden Pattern Blocks (Set/60)

    Link ke template-template pattern block dan tangram yang boleh diprint sendiri dan cuba di rumah:

    Bina huruf dan nombor  di Confession of a Homeschooler.
    Alphabet Pattern Block Cards from Making Learning Fun
    Pattern Block Mats, Transportation, Snowflake from Prekinders
    Jessica’s Pattern Blocks’ Template (Website ni ada BANYAK pattern block mats)
    Pattern Block Pages from Learning Resources (Latihan kertas untuk grade 1-2)
    Pattern Block Lesson by Math Learning Center (untuk grade 3- 5)
    Tons of collections of Pattern Blocks template di Pinterest
    Kindergarten Pattern Activities di Kindergarten Lessons


    Tangram CHannel
    Tangrams di ABCYA (online game)
    Math Tangrams Template di Making Learning Fun
    Tangram Outline Puzzles at USF
    Tangrams Black Outline at Fu Stuff to Do
    Tangrams at Education.com
    Tangrams di Preschool Alphabet

    Revisited Tangram 5 Okt 2015. science curriculum.
    Edited: 23July2017

  • 5y,  Haris,  Mathematics

    Math for a start.

    A week has passed since the home learning starts. I have yet to complete our schedule and curriculum. It’ll keep evolving surely, to follow Haris’s and Hana’s lead.

    While I was researching which curriculum to use. There is a good review for Math U See and Singapore Math. Both are expensive to purchase here sebab shipping cost boleh jadi lagi mahal daripada what we’re purchasing. T_T

    Tapi dalam tengah-tengah mencari tu, I came across this post . So now I think I now where to start at least. For Haris to learn numbers and to count until 100.
    Dan Hana juga boleh juga slow-slow kenalkan nombor. 🙂

    Jadi wishlist: *part ni buat papa berpeluh. Harhar*
    Animal Counters
    IQ Maths
    Early Singapore Math

    Flash Card Holder
    Scotch Laminator *bought here instead Geha Laminator