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    Surah al-Fil

    Hafazan Haris belum lagi sampai pada Surah al-Fil, tapi masa balik kampung the other day, one night Haris minta bacakan cerita sebelum tidur. I was thinking of short stories from Quran, and remembered al-Feel and did a quick search on internet and jumpa website ni; Teaching kids the Holy Quran. He immediately became SO interested, sebab LEGO. I guess to teach meanings of each surah next time, had to include these, and I’m very thankful for the effort put in this project.

    And so, he can’t wait to come home and build Kaa’bah with his Legos. Bila dah sampai rumah, the first thing he did the next morning? Yes, he remembered his goal. Lol. Cepat-cepat dia buat, but since (*rolls eyes), he’s such a perfectionist, marah-marah dia sebab Lego pieces dia tak sama dengan gambar. I encouraged him to just use what he has, to try and to think, he hesitated. I left him alone and eventually he came to me and finished it!

    Just like Surah al-Masad, I’m trying to think to incorporate whatever lesson related to the Surah. And I think I’ll do Elephant and Bird unit study next. ^^

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    Surah al-Masad

    Mom listens to this:

    Mom reads:
    NAK’s transcript on the Surah.

    When talked about flame/fire, Haris tanya kenapa api padam bila ditiup? Sebab biasa kalau lilin menyala, contohnya, scented candle / birthday candle, dia akan blow untuk padamkan. And so, mom had to find experiment untuk fahamkan dia. Hehe.

    First we need to know, what is fire?

    And then, discuss about fire safety. Fire safety booklet at Teaching Mama.

    Experiments Fun:
    Flying Tea Bag Ghosts 
    What puts out fire?
    What makes fire?

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    Ordinal Numbers


    Introduce Haris pada Ordinal Numbers. Had to use what interests him to gain his interest. Lol. Jadi minta dia susun superheroes-superherosnya pada ranking yang dia rasa siapa paling kuat hingga lemah.

    *Bring me the third ball and bring me three balls*

    Update: 2 Mar 2015
    After three days (reviewing), he still can’t grasp the difference between ordinal and cardinal. Will try again somewhere in the future.

    Resource: Math is Fun!
    Singapore Math
    Math Mammoth

  • Lesson Plan,  Science

    Fire Safety


    DAY 1

    What is Fire and What Makes Fire?


    3 candles, match, playdoh, spray bottle with water, 1 metal tray, 1 mason jar.

    What is fire?

    Api ialah proses oksidasi pantas menghasil-kan cahayahabaasap, dan hasil tindak balas kimia seperti karbon dioksida dan air.

    Related Video:

    Upin Api Episod Api

    What Makes Fire Burn

    What is Fire?

    3 things makes fire:

    1. Haba
    2. Udara
    3. Minyak

    Demo Haba:

    Spray lilin yang pertama untuk tunjuk jika kita hilangkan haba, api akan padam. Bincang juga jika ada api di dapur api yang libatkan minyak, air tak boleh padamkan api tetapi api jadi lagi besar!

    Demo: Udara

    Tutup lilin kedua dengan mason jar, api akan menggunakan udara dan akhirnya udara habis, api akan padam. Jadi cara paling terbaik untuk padamkan kebakaran atas dapur adalah tutup dengan penutup metal.

    Demo: Minyak

    Lilin ketiga dibiarkan menyala sampai habis, menunjukkan bila ‘minyak’ habis, api juga akan padam.


    We clip it outside and the kids sprayed it, pretend play as a fireman. I even had to shout help! ^^;


  • Arts & Crafts,  Technology

    Haris first stop motion!

    Haris 5 Tahun 2 Bulan
    Hana 21 Bulan




    Inspired by: Let’s Explore Art Materials by PinkStripeySocks

    Haris was not very thrilled doing it. You know how he actually doesn’t like doing art. Dalam banyak-banyak jenis bahan ditulis, dia paling suka paper towel. Hanya sebab lepas tu, I told him to try and drop some water on it. The water spread!

    Hana minat dalam apa sahaja. Especially scribbles so made one for her as well. I just love seeing her concentration look. 😀



    And then he asked to do the water paper alone.

    Details can be read here: Paper Towel Art by Happy Hooligans

    Science & Technology


    Sambil menunggu nak pergi Solat Jumaat, I suggest we make stop motion video! Read it awhile back at TinkerLab. Brilliant idea! Haris loves watching Lego Stop Motion Video on Youtube. I showed him how to do it first and did it together.

    Dan ini yang dia buat sendiri tanpa apa-apa pertolongan. 😀

    Read the details and steps here: Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners by TinkerLab

    Making Lego Marble Maze

    Nampak idea ni di Pinterest sebelum, dan tunjuk pada Haris dulu the idea. Lepas tu, he makes his own maze, altered here and there. 😀 Yang best sebab dia fikir di mana dia nak guli tu lalu dan adjust lego-lego tu ikut kemahuan dia.


    Family Outing


    Star Wars Reads @ Kinokuniya, KLCC.

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    Quick update!

    Haris 5 year 2 months.
    Hafal al-Fatihah 3 Qul. Dah kenal huruf hijaiyah dan satu baris atas, bawah, dan hadapan. Tgh mengenal dua baris.

    Hana 20months.
    Picks things up fast. Know certain words and developing fast, mashaAllah! Also, aktif mengacau whenever me and Haris doing something. ^^;;

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    Telling Time 1

    Haris: 5 Years

    Haris dah boleh baca jam by hour dan half an hour. Masih belum tahu minit dan saat.  Pukul 3. Pukul 3.30. But I never really properly introduced him about time. So, we discussed about seconds this morning. Macamana jarum saat tu pusing, cukupkan satu pusingan sebanyak 60 kali dan jarum panjang akan bergerak and told him that was minute and when the minute cukupkan satu pusingan pula, jadi jam.

    Penguin from Making Learning.


    Put students in pairs. Use the timer. One student counts how many times their partner can clap in ten seconds. Then reverse the roles and do it again.
    Jog in place for one minute. Is a minute longer or shorter than a second? The minute hand goes around one time each minute.
    Now show your students that you are setting a timer for one hour. That means that the minute hand will go around sixty times. Ask them to predict what they will be doing when the timer goes off. Write down some predictions.

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    Haris doesn’t like coloring. He likes to do it together. Once leave him alone, dia pun tinggalkan juga, tak siapkan. :/
    Enjoys cutting and pasting.
    Only do 1 type of things thing once.
    Loves LEGO very much.
    Hates reading especially long and full of sentences

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    Learning Arabic Alphabet

    This week, am going to focus on him recognising Hijaiyah letters. One of the activities is Bingo game taken from YemenLinks. Movable Arabic Letters untuk draw for Bingo dari Noorjanan.

    I’ve been reading her blog for this past week, and MashaAllah so many advices and tips from her. I feel enlighten reading her posts and makes me motivated more. Her blog is inactive now, and I’m going to miss her writings when I’m done with reading all of her posts. Lol.

    That Haris there, frustrated look, sebab asyik kalah. Hee.

    It’s fun, sebab round pertama main tak ada apa-apa reward. Haris won. Kedua, me won and set the rule siapa menang dapat makan Oreo. Lol. The look on his face! Tak puas hati. Haaa. Asyik mengerling dekat bekas Oreo. Ketiga, Haris menang and he said,

    “Neeq menang berapa kali tadi?”
    “Err, dua.”
    “So Haris dapat makan dualah!”