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Habitat: Desert (Resources)

Lesson Plan:

Desert at Happy Homeschool
Fakta Sains Dalam al-Quran 

Perlindungan Hidup dalam Cuaca Melampau
Perubahan Geologi Google Books

Cari buku Camel
Desert at Enchanted Learning
Habitat Series Desert Theme at Homeschool Giveaways
Deserts at Hands on Homeschooler
Desert Map 
Just Montessori Desert Related 
Roxaboxen Storybook 
Camel Stories 
Make Haris type in word translation of ayah regarding camel
Camels Special Animals at Homeschool for Muslims
Prophet Saleh 1 & 2
Deserts Lapbook, Desert Animals, Camel Lapbook at Iman Homeschool
Desert Unit USA
Free Audiobook Sad Camel 
Animals in Quran
Surah Shams at Read With Meaning
The Rock which the camel came out from


Water Desert 



Desert Dive 
Desert Dash 


Watch Wild Kratts Episodes


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