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Montessori Addition?

We’ve been stucked with golden beads. Hana macam tak suka buat golden beads, (in fact dia macam tak suka shelf works 2-3 minggu ni). Jadi tengah fikirkan apa next step nak introduce selepas golden beads. Mungkin addition? Kalau ikut scope of sequence dari Montessori Compass, simple addition, sums of 5 dan sums of 10, guna number rods. Tapi bila godek album-album lain macam tak ada?

PS: Montessori Album adalah manual macamana kita nak persembahkan kepada kanak-kanak. Bukan silibus.

Hmm. Memang takde. Bila cari Montessori addition, pelik semua mula dengan golden beads. Ok, jadi carilah pula golden beads addition. Eh, semua 1234+1945 camtu??? Nombor besar semuanya? Addition dengan nombor besar?! Tak percaya dan carilah maklumat di Group Montessori Homeschooling dan jumpa ni.

Ada orang tanya dan wonder samalah macam saya tertanya-tanya ni. Takde ke dalam album yang buat simple tambah dan tolak? Sebab tengok scope of sequence, guna nombor besar mula 4.5 tahun, addition camtu mula 5 thn. Ni jawapan:

“I think you are looking for the memorization work – which focuses on the “math facts”. Montessori starts with the big picture because once the children can count from 1-9 and understand the concept of 0, they can work with any number of ANY size – each category (units, tens, hundreds, thousands, can only have up to 9 in that category – then add 1 more in that category and instead of “10” we have “1” of the next category up. This is actually a very simple concept for the children to master, especially at 4 1/4 or so years of age.

Moving into the memorization work on the basic math facts is a mental exercise that works best when the child already understands the operations, how numbers work together and why the memorization might be a helpful thing. Without this earlier work, memorization remains a simple rote numbering with little to no actual meaning. The materials themselves, even in Montessori are much closer to abstract than to the concrete golden beads they have been working with. ” – Jessica Welsh

“The first introduction would be using the golden bead material. The child would gather 8 beads and 5 beads. And then when counting when they get to 10, they would exchange those for a 10 bar. Then they would be left with 3 beads so their answer would be “1 ten and 3 units”.

Using the tens seguin board, they would learn that “1 ten and 3 units” is 13.

Later they would use the addition strip board and addition tables to memorize their math facts, finally learning 8+5=13.”

Tengok gambar di sini untuk lebih jelas.

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