Montessori Notes

AMI Certificate!

Alhamdulillah, I did it! Berjaya!

Ya Allah. Habis tu rasa cam nak nangis (nangis dah pun). Seriously. It was an intensive 9 days. No, it was more. 9 days of full lectures & practicals, 9 hours of observations, couple more hours for essays & assignments. 60 contact hours and more! It was intense. I couldn’t have done it without full support of hubby. Thank you so much jagakan anak-anak for these 2 weeks, juggling between long distance work commitments. Love you til Jannah. <33 and Haris thank you sangat memahami dan tolong papa jaga adik-adik. Hana, thank you sangat layan adik dan berdikari dalam banyak hal. Aqeel, thank you for hanging in there! Nak last-last tu he couldn’t take it anymore, clinging and crying whenever I left. Being on this foreign land for 2 weeks for a non traveller like us, teaches us a lot.

Memang terfikir nak share hari ke hari, atau mingguan apa yang belajar. Tapi tak sempat. Balik je, layan anak-anak, buat assignment. Ada 3 je hari cuti in between, masa tu lah baru keluar jalan-jalan. No. 1 hari cuti tu habiskan masa dengan buat observation. 2 hari je dapat jalan. Cuaca sejuk, hujan, berangin. Waktu malam awal. Jadi, inshaAllah balik Malaysia nanti, akan share. ^^

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