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Living and Non-Living (Lesson Plan)

Science Week 1

Day 1

1. Take a walk outside. Explain there’re living and non-living things around us. Pick things up along the way.
2. Living things need food, water and air and they reproduce. They move (trees and alike move when growing)
3. Jotted in science journal the findings.

How can you tell if something is living or non-living?
What are some things that all living things have in common?

and write them out and discuss one by one. Take an example that most likely have them all.

Notes: Tricky one, tree, seeds, eggs, apple.

Day 2

Sorting with cards and figurines.
Have them cutout pictures, color and paste.

Day 3

Make a chart.

– Does it move all by itself?
– Does it grown and change?
– Does it breathe?
– Does it need food, water and air to survive?
– Does it reproduce?




Montessori Card from Homeschool Den and how to here or watch video here.
Cards from Talibiddeen Jr.

In Bahasa at Zarina Ahmad’s blog.
Living and Non-Living Things booklet and more worksheets.

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