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Human Biology Resources for K-4

Week 1:
Discovering the Different Parts of the Body
Discovering and Locating Parts of the Body
Distinguishing the Function of External Body Parts

Week 2:
Discovering Why Bones are Important
Comparing Different Models of Skeletons
Exploring How Teeth Grow

1. Organs
2. External Parts
3. Skeleton
4. Teeth

Discovering Different Parts of the Body

Human Body at Science Kids
Sully’s Guide to the Human Body: Fiber Cowboys
Human Body Information at Freddy Flash
First Encyclopedia of the Human Body at Usborne Quick Links
Human Systems at Vtaide
The Human Body at Kidsconnet
Human Body Systems 
Bodyology at Slim Goodboy
The Human Cardiovascular System – Links for Montessori Unit Study 
Digestive System 
Human Digestive System Clipart 
Heart – Elementary Lesson Plan 
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How the Body Works
Human Body Resources
Human Body Videos for Kids


Mengenali Tubuh Manusia
Sains Tubuh Badan Google Books
Sel dalam tubuh manusia

Human Body at MagicBox Animation
Human Body Video Information & Games at Turtle Diary

Body Parts Game at Learning Games for Kids
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This is me at Learn Create Love
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Life Sized Human Body at Pink & Green Mama
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My Body at Every Star is Different
Human Body & Nutrition at Line Upon Line Learning
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Human Body Activities for Kids at I Can Teach My Child!
Why We Need Muscles & Bones 
Human Body Posts at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
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Human Body Lapbook a6 1plus1plus1plus
Human Body Lapbook 
Human Body Lapbook
Human Body Lapbook 
Human Body Lapbook
Human Body Lapbook
Human Body Lapbook
Human Anatomy at Enchanted Learning
Human Body Learning Activities by A Spectacled Owl
Human Anatomy by HSPrintables
Anatomy Unit Study Materials
Drawing Human Body for Kids at The Artful Parent
Ideas for Learning about Human Body
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Hands on Study on Human Anatomy

Coloring Pages:
Coloring Kids
Learning Tresures
Kids N Fun

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