Telling Time 2

18/3/16: Revisiting Telling Time. Kali ni kenalkan Neeq dengan minit, yang mana no.1 bersamaan dengan 5 min and so on.

Time Problems & Elapsed Time at Math Geek Mama
Printable Game

18/5/15: He can read by hour and half an hour by now.

1. Introduce time in a day related to earth’s rotation.

2. Places number in the face of clock. Use paper plate, divide and let them label the numbers.

3. 3 part card hour.

4. half hour

5. quarter

6. 5 min

7. By minute

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Telling Time by MontessoriTrails *first introducing clock
Telling the Time by The Learning Ark *
Telling Time by What Did We Do All Day?
Learn to Tell Time Activity by CarrotsareOrange
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Teach Kids to Tell Time by WikiHow
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Telling Time Lesson Plan by MontessoriMom
Learning About Time with Fractions Extension di Montessori From the Heart

Goals (from Montessori Compass):
Understands the units of time and recognises the abbreviations for the various units: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries.
Understands that 60 second = 1 minute, and 60 minutes = 1 hour.
Understands that 24 hours = 1 day, 7 days = 1 week.
Understands that 12 months = 1 year, 10 years = 1 decade, 10 decades = 1 century.
Uses language associated with time to describe periods of time and make comparisons (eg brief, lengthy).

For mom:
Earth rotates around the sun by Dr. Zakir Naik
Earth Rotation by
Islam and the Earth Rotation by HidayaResearch
The Earth Does Rotate by QuranMiracles
But it moves! How we know the Earth rotates.

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