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Five Senses (Resources)


It is He, Who has created for you (the sense of) hearing (ears), sight (eyes), and hearts (understanding). Little thanks you give.

Sense of Sight

Part: Eyes
Detect color and light
1. Walking blindfolded
2. Drawing blindfolded
3. See and do things with one eye closed.
4. Observation & Memorisation
5. Optical Illusions Games

Sense of Hearing

Part: Ears
Detect sound
Interactive Explanation on Sense of Hearing


Exploring Sound with a Hangar and String from Buggy and Buddy
Listening Scavenger Hunt
Various Sounds from various household materials
Making Music
Matching sounds using jar/balloon
Blindfold and guess sound

Sound Words

Sounds Words of the World with audio
Sound Words’ List
Sound Words in Bahasa

Sense of Smell

Detects scents
Interactive Explanation on Sense of Smell 
The Smell Detective – a fun activity using spices.
The Smell Eraser 
Experimenting with things that smell 
Exploring 5 senses activities in kitchen 
Smelling Bottles 

  • Blindfolded Smell Test: Blindfold the child and place some familiar scents under his/her nose, such as chocolate, cinnamon, paint, etc.  Ask him/her questions such as the following: What do you smell?  Do you recognize it?  Does it remind you of something else?

  • Scratch and Sniff: Collect some flowers, spices, or herbs that have a strong smell.  Glue some of these items on cardboard or index cards.  Have the child guess what the smell is, or use these cards for matching or memory games.

  • Combining Smells: Have the child smell approximately 10 things that he/she is familiar with.  Together, come up with a list of the items that the child smelled.  Now, mix at least two smells together, and have the child guess which two (or more) are paired together.  Can he/she correctly guess the combination?  Can he/she pick out each smell?  Have fun naming the new combinations of smells!

Sense of Touch

Part: Skin
Detects pain, pressure, heat and cold
Smell Touch Activity 
Tissue Box Touch 
It Feels… activity


  • Feeling With Your Feet: Have the child, barefooted, feel things with his/her feet and think about the way it feels.  Some things that you may wish to the have child feel include paint, playdough, grass, carpet, etc.  Ask the child questions about what he/she is feeling: What does it feel like?  Do you like the way it feels?  Is it rough or smooth?  Cold or hot?  Does it tickle your feet?   Do the same activity with your hands!

  • Pillow Play: Place familiar objects inside of an empty pillowcase.  Let the child try to guess what the objects are.  Help the child describe how each object feels.  Vary the activity by using holiday/seasonal items or items with a theme such as animals or shapes.

  • Make a Mess: Let the child play with materials like clay, water, sand, rice, playdough, and gelatin.  Let the child explore the feel of these items and describe how they feel.  Make sure to find an outdoor area or an indoor area where it’s safe to get messy!

Sense of Taste

Part: Tongue
Detects tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter
Interactive Explanation on Sense of Taste

  • Try a Taste Test: To teach about the tongue and different tastes, place approximately 1 teaspoon of different ingredients in different cups.  Use ingredients like salt (salty), sugar/honey (sweet), lemon/lime (sour), and grapefruit juice (bitter).  Add a few drops of water to the dry ingredients.  Dip a cotton swab into each ingredient and have the child touch it to different areas of his/her tongue.  Make sure to rinse out the mouth with water between each sample!  Talk with the child about how our taste buds affect why we are only able to taste certain flavors on certain areas of our tongue.

Lesson Plan
Good list of activities for each senses
Engaging Five Senses 
Fun Senses Facts for Kids
Five Senses Facts
Five Senses ABCya
Mini Book & Worksheets at Kizclub

Five Sense Video

Good introduction and information about how senses and brain work at The Children’s University of Manchester

All About Your Senses Experiment

Sid the Science Kid
Help Monk with Five Senses 
Game about Sound with Magic School Bus

Five Senses for Preschoolers


Montessori Sensory Activities 
Montessori Inspired Five Senses Activities

Revisited: 19 Okt 2015

Let them use their five senses to explore the pumpkins:

What does a pumpkin sound like when you thump it?
What does the shell feel like? Is it hard or soft? Is it bumpy or smooth?
What does the inside feel like? Is it slimy?
What does it smell like? Does it smell the same as a cup of pumpkin pie filling?
What does it look like? Describe its size and shape. Describe its color.
What does it taste like? Make some muffins or pancakes. Roast the seeds for a tasty snack

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