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Transportation Theme

Hana suka aktiviti-aktiviti ini, jadi untuk setiap tema akan sediakan:

Language: Beginning Sounds (mama nak kenalkan)
Math: Counting, Patterning, Matching, Size Sequencing

Motor Skills: Fine & Gross
Art: Coloring & Draw 

Craft – Making something, Origami, Cut & Paste
Writing: Tracing, dot-to-dot, do-a-dot maze

Untuk Haris: License Plate & Road Signs and pick any transportation he wants to further know.
Wheels on the Bus Learning Activities 
Pattern Cards at The Measured Mom
Transportations at Totally Tots
Zoomin Moving Alphabet at Royal Baloo
Montessori Inspired Transportation Unit 
Construction Truck Names 

Tanya Haris, dalam banyak-banyak transportation ni apa yang dia suka. Dia beritahu dia suka kapal selam, sebab belum pernah tengok lagi.



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