3y,  Hana

Looking for a perfect routine.

For Hana.

After scouring through Pinterest, these might be good idea for us.

AM/PM Plans

Hana pretty much knows alphabets already and I don’t think Alphabet weeks theme works for her.

Useful list on how to develop or plan for unit study from Sugar Spice & Glitter and from Stir the Wonder.

  • Observe the children.
    • What materials are they being drawn to (repeatedly)?
    • Puzzles,
  • Determine a topic of interest that is shared.
  • Look through what you already have.
  • Brainstorm before Pinterest.
  • Google and pin.
  • Fit ideas into a “rough” curriculum plan.
  • Shop, if necessary.
  • Finalize curriculum plan based on available materials.
  • (Send it to co-op or playgroup parents.)
  • Prepare the materials.
  • Set up the environment
  • Develop (and host) a dynamic circle time

Learning Goals

  • Already know ABC, capital & lower, 1-20

Read aloud books that are above your child’s reading level.

If you haven’t done chores with your kids in the past, try starting with an after meals procedure (everyone has a specific job to do, all working together) or a room procedure (we’re cleaning the living room together, and everyone has a job). This is much easier to implement than everyone working in different places.

Play music while doing chores. Music can really change a grumpy mood!

That being said, one activity outside the house can be fabulous for everyone’s sanity.

Make time to get together with friends. Find other homeschooling moms and encourage each other.

No one said you have to read bedtime stories! A wise homeschool mom recently told me that she was always too tired to read at that point in the day and would be too tempted to rush. Night time was her kids’ chance to read by themselves, and she read books aloud during the day.

10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers
10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers10+ Activities for Busy Toddlers

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