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Sekarang ni tengah baca artikel ni “What You Need to Know about Montessori Albums”.

  • Albums are, in the most simple terms, the notes a Montessori teacher takes when he/she takes classes that lead to Montessori certification.

Saya juga ada beli beberapa dan rujuk Montessori albums yang free online. Dan juga tempted untuk beli beberapa album. Tapi artikel ni nyatakan beberapa point yang saya setuju setelah beberapa tahun mendalami Montessori.

  • It is misleading to the consumer. Albums were never meant to stand alone. They were certainly never meant to be sold without the heavy philosophy component.  

Sangat-sangat setuju dengan ni. Hanya dalam masa yang terdekat baru saya nampak dan faham dan mendalami teori. Sebelum ni membabi buta je ikut.

I know many, many more homeschooling parents who give up because the materials are expensive, the lessons stilted, and their children engaged in a battle of wills. This is where many parents leave Montessori in the dust. It’s just too hard to follow a prescriptive approach, keeping your children from mixing up your freshly designed shelves while you take five minutes to wash the dirty dishes in the sink. I agree, and what’s more, I don’t believe that it’s healthy for a child. It’s silly to even try when the child is right there in front of us showing us what he/she is interested in learning – if only we will observe and support this natural process! I believe that homeschooling Montessori must look fundamentally different from teaching in a large classroom setting, and the resources available to homeschooling parents must work to take the pressure off so that the environment is a healthy and nurturing one for the child. – quote lupa plak dari siapa.

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