Montessori Notes

The baby’s first social environment is the mother.

For the self to be realized— to be made real— means to be born into the world. In order to be in the world, one’s world-view must shape itself according to the shape of that world. The logical process of structuring the personality must orient that personality to the world of human beings.

From the moment of birth, the infant ’s first “work” is that of personality formation or individuation. The personality can be developed only by means of social relationships and experiences (Maria Montessori, “Child’s Instinct to Work” 7). Individuation takes place within a social context and is the first step toward social development.

According to Montessori, “An isolated individual cannot develop his individuality.… He must put himself in relationship with his environment and within reach of the events and the life of his times ” (“Child’s Instinct to Work” 7).

The baby’s first social environment is the mother. Maternal care is absolutely necessary not only for the child to survive physically but also to provide the mother -infant bond, which contains within it the possibility of all future.

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