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Checklists untuk Newborn

Masa Aqeel dulu newborn ikut checklists ni.

  • Letak somewhere near him gambar hitam putih (masa Aqeel tu sandarkan di cot atau dinding berdekatan tempat dia baring). Kenapa gambar hitam putih? Boleh baca sini.
  • Responds to loud sounds. Ingat lagi masa ni masa dia tengah jaga, kadang-kadang tepuk atau jatuhkan barang untuk tengok respon dia. Hehe.
  • Mata dia mula follow moving object jadi gantungkan mobile. Boleh baca dengan lebih lanjut di sini. Untuk mobile ni, terngiang-ngiang perenggan dari michaelolaf¬†:

“This baby was visiting a home where there were no visual mobiles and he needed to carry out this important daily “work”. So the mother hung a scarf over a lampshade in front of an open window, creating a moving object for the baby to focus on. Suddenly she realized that it seemed he was ready to move beyond watching, to touch! He tried with his whole body to reach the fringe of the scarf, but is not yet at the stage of controlling his hands to this extent. (2.5 months)”

  • Tummy time dan tengok boleh angkat kepala.
  • Buka dan tutup tangan
  • Mula bawa tangan ke mulut

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