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Montessori Food Prep Ideas

For 2 years above

Materials: Eggs

How We Montessori has roundup Montessori Eggs activties

Jean Marie at Voila Montessori has awesome demonstration videos on how to present peeling eggs and slicing eggs. (The egg shells can be used for another work for the child; crushing with mortar and pestle.)

**strawberry can also be used with egg slicer.

Materials: Bananas

Again, Voila Montessori has awesome video instruction on how to prep banana work for your young children. Watch it here. and here’s a video on how to do banana cutting with your children by Voila Montessori.

Also read how how we montessori’s progression with banana activities from toddler and growing up!

Please check out Montessori on a Budget’s post as well to do these activities with children at home. I shared in ig story once how I rarely do food prep activities in tray instead just do it like how we normally do it in the kitchen. She sums up nicely how I did it.

Rhythms of Play

Another blog post by Rhythms on Play on banana activities and how she emphasize the cleaning up is as important for the whole process.

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