Montessori,  Montessori Notes

Prepared Environment

“The behaviour of every individual is a product of his environmental experience.”

Maria Montessori, Absorbent Mind

“Here, then, are fundamental principles: the furniture must be light and arranged in such a fashion that the child can easily move it, and the pictures must be hung at a level that permits the child to look at them comfortably. We must apply these principles to all surrounding objects, starting with the rugs and ending with the vases, dishes and other such things. The child must be able to use everything he comes across in the house and he must be able to do the ordinary tasks of everyday life – sweep, vacuum the rugs, wash and dress himself. The objects surrounding the child should look solid and attractive to him, and the “house of the child” should be lovely and pleasant in all its particulars; for beauty in the school invites activity and work, as adults know that domestic beauty nourishes domestic unity.”

Maria Montessori, Child in the Family

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