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Points of Consciousness vs Points of Interest

I’ve been self studying Montessori for years. Dalam kebanyakan album yang jumpa mesti ada “Points of Interest”. Points of interest adalah faktor & aspek aktiviti yang menarik minat kanak-kanak.

Di training yang saya berbeza. Saya dikenalkan dengan terms Points of Consciousness. Points of Consciousness digunakan menggantikan Points of  Interest. 

Points of Consciousness:

  • permulaan memori dan conscious awareness
  • an extra challenge (or help) is given to the child in his work. (cth application of polish in horizontal circular movement)
  • child striving to reach the particular actions & movements that lead to success
  • possible things that may act as obstacles during the activity. It involves anything that could go wrong while the child is busy using incorrect movements, loosing balance & more.

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