Kecenderungan Manusia


  • Untuk berkomunikasi
  • Bersosial
  • Meniru (imitate)
  • Meneroka, Meneliti (Explore, we are curious)
  • Bergerak
  • Ketepatan (Be exact/precise)
  • Menumpukan Perhatian (Concentrate)
  • Ulang (Repeat)
  • Maintain/discover order
  • Berdikari (Achieve independence)
  • Realize perfection/Control errors/Improve ourselves
  • Kawal diri (Control ourselves (physically, intellectually, emotionally))
  • Bekerja (Work)

Maitrilearning: “And I would add to this list the human tendency to act compassionately, to show care and concern for other living beings”

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