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Math for a start.

A week has passed since the home learning starts. I have yet to complete our schedule and curriculum. It’ll keep evolving surely, to follow Haris’s and Hana’s lead.

While I was researching which curriculum to use. There is a good review for Math U See and Singapore Math. Both are expensive to purchase here sebab shipping cost boleh jadi lagi mahal daripada what we’re purchasing. T_T

Tapi dalam tengah-tengah mencari tu, I came across this post . So now I think I now where to start at least. For Haris to learn numbers and to count until 100.
Dan Hana juga boleh juga slow-slow kenalkan nombor. 🙂

Jadi wishlist: *part ni buat papa berpeluh. Harhar*
Animal Counters
IQ Maths
Early Singapore Math

Flash Card Holder
Scotch Laminator *bought here instead Geha Laminator

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