5y,  Haris

Week 1

Theme: Allah Created Me
Letter of the Week: H
Quran: Surah an-Naas
Hadith: Smile is Charity

Ada buat jadual harian untuk Neeq. Tapi mula-mula untuk biasakan Neeq tu, *sigh*. Neeq pula cepat bosan lagi. Tapi selalu ingatkan diri, “Takpe, pelan-pelan. At least he’s learning something everyday, rather than just watching TV and iPad.” Tengah dalam misi mengurangkan aktiviti itu.

Untuk morning exercise, we’re using this routine: Morning Exercise It’s old, tapi sebab Mama ni a self-proclaimed avid Korean-Japan Drama fans, jadi terpaksalah Neeq ikutin jua. Hikhik. Cuma maybe next time, Mama akan cari lagu yang sesuai dan catchy. (And no Neeq, jangan harap Oppa Gangnam Style, OK? =.=) Dalam minggu ni, baru sekali buat sebenarnya, because he’s just not interested. Takpe, minggu depan cuba lagi.

Dan Asmaaul-Husna. I think I should add National Anthem as well?

Lepas tu, Daily Calendar, buat versi sendiri tapi dia tak berminat juga I think because he’s just used to be doing the daily calendar from 1+1+1=1, Mama kena buat semula sebab nak masukkan juga kalendar Islam dalam tu.

We’re using all free printables from the net and respectables homeschool blogs.

These are what we have used this week:

I’m trying the book “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” and I made flashcards to go with the book. We only made it until Lesson 2. And I’m going to have to tweak the flashcards a bit. It bores him to look at the book full of words. T.T Will share it when it’s done, In sha Allah.

Learn Allah in English words by Talibiddeen Jr.
Note: To learn in Arabic next.

About Me Theme Pack by A muslim child is born’s blog.

H is for Hippo from 1+1+1=1.

More Letter H activities here.
Because 6 pcs puzzles was easy for him. So I cut it to 12pcs puzzles.

Letter H maze

Letter Hunt

Since he’s so into cutting, we used cutting worksheets from here, Aussie Childcare Network.

Math activities using Bingo, number 21-45.

We bought Kinetic Sand from Annahlu Therakids, Melaka. Arrived on Thursday. He spent hours playing on it.

Saw a RM1.00 little magnet set at a stationery store. He likes it and I asked him to identify what attracts and what not around the house. I guess next time we’ll try more activities with it.

Went to the Dinosaur exhibition at Shah Alam Museum. It was on weekdays and there was no people around. Separuh jalan jer, sebab Neeq ketakutan. It was dark and gory. ^^;

We made Jetfire Origami.

We made a house for the word H, but ended up being a Transformer’s den. =.=;

IQRA’ with Papa.

20140111_172843 (1)

The rest of the days, he’s so into Transformers. Watching stop motion videos and make his own playscenes. But always ended up with Papa pulling his hair, because small parts keep coming off. LOL.

20140114_095645 20140114_101037

To do:
Lagu yang sesuai untuk morning exercise.
National Anthem.

Re-do Daily Learning Notebook.
Dry/Wet Erase Marker.

100 Easy Lessons flashcards.

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