5y,  Haris

Week 2

A bit downer this week. Not much done. Haris being moody and lazy all week. He misses his friends.¬† ūüôĀ

We’re not following any theme this week. Banyak ikut lead Haris.

Still reciting dan betulkan bacaan Surah al-Fatihah dan Surah an-Naas.

Because he refused to work on workbooks, cuba ajak dia counting to 100 and he hops along and he’s getting better at counting and recognising the numbers.
Yang ni, he insist on counting semua. =.=;
100 chart printable
100 pocket chart

Papa outstation ke Penang. So we went to PPAS Library. Got these books.

I especially like “One” book by Stone Faruq.

Walaupun pada siang hari, he refused to do math or reading activities or whatever I suggested, (except messy play), ada satu malam tu, eager pulak dia buat math workbook tu.

Topics from the book:
Big and little
In, on, under –¬†lemah
Long, short, tall
Heavy and Light
Full or Empty?
Three bears (sequencing)
Counting (til 5)
Circles, Triangles, Squares – lemah
Shapes & colours
Up & Down

We did these:
Gooey Slime
Mula-mula geli. Seminit sekali basuh tangan. Tapi dekat sejam jugak dia main siap modified macam chef masakan shooting video. Spices bagai.


Hana pun join painting. And I’m seriously thinking Hana punya montessori lesson plan juga. 20140116_100908

We tried magnet activity juga. Filled paper clips and coins in a bottle half-filled with water. Tied the magnet dengan tali and the other end to spoon and he fished out those items out of bottle. Fun! Ideas from here.

Rest of the days besides gadgets.
He is so into building and incorporates whatever toys he has. Improvements! Kalau tak jangan harap.


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