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Montessori Bells

Mustahil untuk beli Montessori Bells, sebab tersangatlah mahal. Jadi ramai yang DIY guna handbells instead. I was very lucky to buy a set of handbells, dari owner preschool yang nak ditutup dengan harga yang sangat murah, Alhamdulillah. Anyway, similarly boleh beli sini.

Tujuan aktiviti ni adalah untuk develop child’s auditory sense terutamanya dari segi tones. Secara tak langsung, prepare kanak-kanak pada music. Kalau Montessori Bells yang asal, ada 13 bells. Yang handbells ada ni ada 8 je. Tapi ni kira dah cukup bagus for us, untuk capai tujuan aktiviti ni.

Aktiviti yang kami buat dengan handbells ni. (Diambil dari Montessori Commons)
1. Show the children how to strike a bell and mimic the pitch or sing a short phrase.
2. Beri nama. After the children are very comfortable with this given them the names of the tones that are culturally appropriate. Play a tone and give it’s name in a three period lesson, give two at a time, reviewing ones already done. Give none-adjacent tones so the child can compare.
Games with Names
The child plays a tone and sings it’s name.
Later after the sensorial impression has been given draw the children’s attention to the fact that the names are in the sequence of the alphabet.
3. Establishing up and down
Say, ‘I can play up the bells’, play three notes in sequence getting higher, ‘I can also play down the bells’, play three tones in sequence getting lower. Invite the children to try, they do not need to go in sequence.
Also let the child know the comparatives and superlatives.
Games with up and down
Relate movements reaching up and crouching down with the tones height, ask the child to move in relation to the way you play.

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