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Reading Folders

To help children learn the various spellings commonly found in English for the phonograms already learned, so as to enlarge the child’s reading and writing vocabulary (pg 153)

Dalam satu bekas ada 13 Reading Folders. Folders ni beli sampul paling kecil je. Di depan (cover) tulis spelling sandpaper letter phonograms. (13 bunyi phonograms dan their alternative spellings):

Bunyi : Spelling

e: e, ea
f: f, ph
j: j, gi, ge
oy: oy, oi
ai: ai, ei, ay, a-e
er: er, ir, ur
ee: ee, ea, e-e, ie, y
s: s, ce, ci
ou: ou, ow
ie: ie, i-e, igh, y
oa: oa, ow, o-e, oe
or: or, aw, au, ough
ue: ue, u-e, oo, ew

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