“Beyond this age of two and a half, which marks a border line in a man’s mental formation, there begins a new period in the organisation of language, which continues to develop without explosions, but with a great deal of liveliness and spontaneity. This second period lasts till somewhere about the fifth or sixth year, and during it the child learns many new words and perfect s his sentence formation. It is true that if the child’s circumstances are such that he hears very few words, or nothing but dialect, he will come to speak like this. But if he lives among cultured people with a wide vocabulary, he takes it all in equally well.” – Maria Montessori, Absorbent Mind, p114.

Jadi bercakaplah dengan anak kita yang berumur bawah 6 tahun, sama macam kita cakap sesama kita. Mereka tak faham terangkan, tak faham lagi, takpe, they’ll always get it next time. Jangan underestimate their ability. Jangan baby talk!

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