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How to Mandala a Mandala on Rock

Free Rocks & Minerals Packet di Homeschool Den

How to make your own rocks
Fun Testing Experiment

Arts & Crafts:

Cute Rock Doll Faces di Hello Wonderful
Fluffy Pet Rocks di The Craft Train
Painted Rock Flower Craft di Mother Natured
Stones Car Track di Playtivities
DIY Galaxies Painted Rocks
Kandinsky Rocks

Friendship Rocks for Valentine’s

Nature Painted Rocks
Creative Rock Painting
Mix and Match People
Emotions Story Stones
Rock Tick Tack Toe
Story Stones

Minerals Classified Cards

Rocks Identification
A Study of Rocks and Easy Rock Projects
Exploring Rocks
Identify Rocks with Kids
How to Paint Garden Stone Marker
Soil and Rocks
Rock Identification
Geology Rocks Unit
Starbusting for Rocks
Rocks & Minerals Lapbook Study
Metamorphic Edible Rocks

Rocks and Minerals Themed Freebies and Resources

Rocks & Minerals Resources
Lesson Planning Ideas
Demom Rock Cycle

Information Website:
ROcks & Minerals
Crayon Rock Cycle
Ores & Minerals
How to Grow Sugar Crystals
Types of Minerals
Identifying Minerals
Minerals for Kids
Mineral Properties
Rocks & Minerals
What is a Mineral
Rocks & Mineral
What are Minerals?
USGS Collecting Rocks & Minerals

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