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Perbezaan kaedah Montessori

“Numerous methods of education exist today and it is difficult to become acquainted with all of them. The method
that bears my name is generally seen as one of many, and because of this, doubts arise and conclusions are reached
which muddle ideas rather than clarify them.

Therefore, I would like to demonstrate to you how my method is different. Other methods are the result of the efforts of people – people of genius – people endowed with a great love of humanity. Although this method bears my name, it is not the result of the efforts of a great thinker who has developed his own ideas.

My method is founded on the child himself. Our study has its origins in the child. The method has been achieved by following the child and his psychology. It is objective, not subjective as all the others are. It is always based on our ability to interpret our observations of those phenomena which originate in the child himself. A soundly objective method is based on observation, the observation of facts, which is why the Montessori Method is entirely different from all the other methods, which came from certain people who arrived at certain theories.”

Montessori, Maria, The 1946 London Lectures

Dr. Maria terangkan di atas bahawa kebanyakan kaedah yang ada di luar sana adalah hasil pemikiran orang-orang pemikir yang hebat, kaedah mereka adalah dari buah fikiran mereka. Dr. Maria tegaskan bahawasanya walaupun kaedah ini orang namakan Kaedah Montessori, yang ada namanya, tetapi ianya bukanlah hasil pemikiran beliau. Maksudnya ianya terlahir bukanlah dari buah fikiran beliau seratus peratus tetapi oleh kanak-kanak. Kaedah ini terlahir dari secara objektif hasil daripada pemerhatian yang dilakukan terhadap kanak-kanak. 

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