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    Darat, Udara dan Air

    Minggu ni mula topik baru. Alam sekitar. Jika tengok globe dan gambar, bumi/alam sekeliling dipenuhi dengan daratan dan lautan. Ada satu lagi elemen penting yang merangkumi alam sekitar iaitu udara. Dalam bekas yang ada label tu masing-masing ada tanah, air yang diwarnakan biru dan tidak dimasukkan apa-apa kosong. Ini mengikut kaedah montessori, pengenalan kepada geografi.
    Bila tunjuk pada Haris bekas label udara, he had this puzzle look, udara : kosong. Jadi tunjuk simple eksperimen, tisu-tisu ditekan-tekan masuk dalam gelas minum tu, dan ditelangkupkan ke air. Bagus kalau ada gelas lutsinar, boleh nampak jelas. Tunjuk Haris tisu-tisu tu tak jatuh. Kenapa? Sebab udara penuhkan gelas dan menolak tisu dari jatuh. Angkat gelas itu keluarkan tisu, tidak basah. He somehow gets it. Lol.

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    The start of a new schedule…

    Dah banyak bulan kelam kabut, sebab mak mereka sekalian ini tengah mengandung. Jadi mula dari first trimester memang tak larat nak buat semua. Jadi, bila Haris dah biasa, hari-hari ikut suka dia je, struggle juga a few weeks ni nak minta dia datang duduk dan do/learn something. ^^;

    So, I had to come up with schedule. Mula bulan lepas, hantar Haris belajar agama dari pukul 9.00 pagi hingga 12.00 tengahari. Jadi, takpelah, mula-mula ni masa untuk sit down dan belajar kita buat sikit dulu. Mak dia pun terkontang kanting lagi masih testing what works best for him. Tambah pula, Hana tengah banyak rebellious sekarang *mak nanges*.

    So, officially, the new schedule starts today. I’m going to try to fit in 4 different subjects, with 15 minutes each. If any topic of the day yang dia enjoy it’s fine to expand it a bit. It just a guide and plan and Allah knows best.


    The 4 subjects are:

    • Math
    • Bahasa
    • English
    • Science/Geo (alternate)

    While Hafazan dan Islamic Studies, setiap kali selepas solat, inshaAllah.

    Untuk Hana pula, will start with practical life, slow-slow. ^^

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    Haris doesn’t like coloring. He likes to do it together. Once leave him alone, dia pun tinggalkan juga, tak siapkan. :/
    Enjoys cutting and pasting.
    Only do 1 type of things thing once.
    Loves LEGO very much.
    Hates reading especially long and full of sentences

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    April Week 1 & 2

    Haris 4years 8months
    Hana 14 months

    My plan utk stp hari is do a bit writing practice everyday, Reading BM using Bacalah Anakku, Reading English using BOB Books, messy play altenate with playing outside (swimming, walking), Math, Brain Quest for critical thinking and Hafazan.

    So untuk Bacalah Anakku, ni kali pertama perkenalkan Haris dengan bacaan BM and Alhamdulillah cepat dia pickup. Since he already has the phonics basic, utk huruf lain xde masalah cuma untuk pronounce vowel sahaja. Hope he won’t be confused, though.

    So he quickly breeze through Book 1. Looking forward to Book 2!

    Everything Else

    I use ABC handwriting practice sheets by Confessions of a Homeschooler. Love it. Sbb ada basic line practice incorporate with each letter.

    And handwriting readiness sheets by Donna Young.

    For Art & Craft we use ideas from Totally Tots for both Capital and Small Letter.

    Various weekly & monthly themes activities (for this month, focusing on himself and his surroundings) and Frozen related. =.=;

    We finally watched Frozen and now Haris is so into it. So we paint a snowman.



    Haris sgt pandai layan Hana. 😀


    Day out.

    Weekend, kami join aktiviti field trip to Taman Botani, Putrajaya called Junior Arborist with MHsN. After the half day hardwork, masha-Allah the taste of that lunch is unforgettable.



    Typical day. Plays with Lego lego and lego.




    Hana’s Little Corner


    Hana’s newly bought number boardbook. I love this book, seriously. It has colorful background, the number is big and clear enough and it has dots under there for counting.



    Hana’s pipe cleaner’s activities are inspired by Sugaraunts. She is only 14 months old and she only for like not even a minute and ke sana ke mari. Lol. Look at how she managed to put in and poke in 1 pipe cleaner.





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    March Happening

    Hujung bulan musim cuti sekolah. So, macam-macam program utk kanak-kanak ada.

    Haris join program agama di PPAS.

    First day gi half day. Nanges. After that he’s OK. As long as dia x tgk me….

    Me: “…”

    I’m actually proud of him, despite of being attached to me 24/7, 7 days a week, sebenarnya dia boleh buat. He’s strong and can actually adapt in whatever situation. As long as dia x tgk me…

    Me: “…”




    Hana pulak, masha-Allah, tgh boleh jalan. Tgh pulun jalan. She now asyik ajak ke shoe cabinet, takes her own shoes and nak pakai nak ke pintu. Huu.

    Oh, and we also went to bookstores to shop books of, course! Habiskan BB1M papa. Mwahahaha.

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    Slow Week

    We are taking it a bit slow this week. Clearly, unschooling method really don’t work for us. At least not this time. It ended up taking a little bit more time to research and prepare. I maybe did it the wrong way, but I still think it doesn’t work for me and for him. And so I’m back to planning stages because previous setup doesn’t work for us because he missed his friends, being surrounded with his friends and all. Thoughts of giving up always come flashing in my mind. And hubby always says it’s OK. He is still young. But when that reflects his mood, it reflects my mood and the mood of the house. I’m still trying desperately to find weekdays program so he can mix with others but.. sigh. They’re always out of our town or only have weekend classes. Weekend is only for whole family to hangouts.

    Nevertheless, he can now reads cvc words. He completed Short A, Short E and Short I books from Progressive Phonics. We stopped with 100 Easy Lessons temporarily because he’s just not interested in it. But I still think that method is good and will be trying once again with him.

    Mathematics, he’s still working out on adding and subtraction and I introduced money to him this week. Started introducing him cents. Syiling 10 sen, 20 sen dan 50 sen. Kalau ada 5 keping 10 sen equals to 50 sen, something like that. And with that I set up our own stall with sweets and biscuits and price for each and from there on boleh ajar tambah dan tolak. Lepas tu pergi bawah and I let him ask the price, kira duit syiling dia dan bayar.

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    February Week 3

    I tried planning ahead of what to do for Haris for him to learn for the whole week, or at least for a few days but most of them never get done.
    Mostly based on his moods. I can never force him to do things and I would never. I suggest him to do this and that and if he is willing, we’ll do it. Just like last week, when out of the blue he asked me to do origami horse, this week he wants everything to do with the police. It is chaotic for me because I have to google things (I rely in internet so much, sigh). While searching for things, he pesters me to do things with him and Hana too for attention. Goodness. By 9pm I already run out of energy. But, Haris sleeps in late. Because of his time with Papa. I wish he comes home earlier and participate in making Haris sleeps early like lights out at 9pm. Hmm.


    We went to see movie; The Lego Movie on Sunday (Haris and Papa je) and me and Hana strolling around the mall! Yay! And bookstore! My child-teenager self surfaces eversince we decided to include learning around the house and I have become obsessed with books again. Peace of mind. Indeed, Allah is the best planner, He sent me Papa to put a stop in buying books. LOL. If not I’ll end up buying books which god knows when will I have time to read all of them. I spent around one hour and a half in MPH and I’m happy that MPH caters syllabus from outside, UK, US, Japan, Singapore, Japan and Australia. I have to have to visit its Megastore in OU but I hate going to OU. Too big and hard to park. The thing is they only sell workbooks and not textbooks. I bought singapore math workbook for Haris and I realise that what I actually need is textbooks or teacherguide! Tapi tak rugi. Kalau tak cuba tak tahu. Kena menabung lagilah untuk next purchase. Hehe. Hopefully adalah kat OU sana.

    Disebabkan Lego itu, satu minggu ni Haris nak jadi polis. =.= He kept begging me to buy him handcuffs because the old one dah patah. Last-last buat DIY handcuffs with kitchen towel roll and a shoelace.