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Surah al-Fil

Hafazan Haris belum lagi sampai pada Surah al-Fil, tapi masa balik kampung the other day, one night¬†Haris minta bacakan cerita sebelum tidur. I was thinking of short stories from Quran, and remembered al-Feel and did a quick search on internet and jumpa website ni; Teaching kids the Holy Quran. He immediately became SO interested, sebab LEGO. I guess to teach meanings of each surah next time, had to include these, and I’m very thankful for the effort put in this project.

And so, he can’t wait to come home and build Kaa’bah with his Legos. Bila dah sampai rumah, the first thing he did the next morning? Yes, he remembered his goal. Lol. Cepat-cepat dia buat, but since (*rolls eyes), he’s such a perfectionist, marah-marah dia sebab Lego pieces dia tak sama dengan gambar. I encouraged him to just use what he has, to try and to think, he hesitated. I left him alone and eventually he came to me and finished it!

Just like Surah al-Masad, I’m trying to think to incorporate whatever lesson related to the Surah. And I think I’ll do Elephant and Bird unit study next. ^^

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