Visual Perception

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Visual perception is made up of some of the following skills, which are addressed in some of these activities.

  • Spatial Relationships – Understanding the relationships of object within their environments. The ability to identify the position of two or more visual stimuli in relation to oneself and/or in relation to each other. (Mrs Pratt’s Classroom, Playfully Learning, MeddyBemps)
  • Figure Ground – The ability to locate something in a busy background. The ability to screen out  irrelevant visual material when presented with a lot of visual information at one time. (Boleh download printables matching cards untuk figure ground di The Helpful Garden)
  • Visual Memory – The ability to recall visual traits of a form or object. The ability to remember what is seen for immediate recall. It involves forming a mental image or picture or the characteristics of any given image once the stimulus has been removed.
  • Visual Closure – The ability to know what a form or object what part of the picture is missing. The ability to recognise any given visual stimulus from an incomplete presentation.
    Visual Discrimination – The ability to determine differences or similarities in objects based on size, colour and shape.

Tools to Grow:Resources for Occupational Therapists has printables for Visual Perceptions and many others. Categories including:
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Visual Perception 
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