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Nomenclature Cards

Nomenclature cards dalam kelas 3-6 berbeza dengan nomenclature cards untuk kelas 6-12. 

Bagi kelas 3-6, definition nomenclature cards perlu ayat yang simple yang mudah dibaca, difahami, perkataan yang kanak2 familiar.

Bagi kelas 6-12, definition nomenclature perlulah as scientific as possible, ada bahasa teknikal dan include juga fenomena yang berlaku untuk sesuatu tu. 


Definisi Mountain Range:

Kelas 3-6: When some mountains have the same base and form an isolated group, they form a mountain range. 

Kelas 6-12: The isolated group of mountains which have the same base take the name of mountain range: and are constituted by that massive group of rocks formed by the upheavel of rocks which are of a different kind than those surrounding land. 

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