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Compound Words

Primary 3-6 tahun:

Dikenalkan pada umur 5.5 tahun


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Elementary (6-12 tahun):

Montessori Commons

“Kenalkan root words, when they are alone we call it root words. A root word is a word that has meaning. When you take two root words and combine, the new word you create is called a compound word. 

Pin is root wheel is root when combine become compound.

Compound comes from Latin componere which means to combine.


  1. Letak root dan cari words yang sepadan
  2. Challenge think of a word and come up with how many compounds
  3. Compound and child separate
  4. Puzzle

* Early compound words 

  • toothpaste                                                      
  • lipstick                                                             
  • playground                                                     
  • doghouse                                                        
  • handshake                                                      
  • sunflower  
  • firefly
  • moonlight
  • railroad   
  • candlestick
  • cartwheel
  • dragonfly
  • eyeball
  • fingernail
  • hairband
  • hotdog
  • milkshake
  • ponytail
  • starfish
  • watermelon
  • wheelchair

* Later compound words

  • midnight
  • daydream
  • brainstorm
  • earthquake
  • busybody
  • soundproof
  • makeup
  • airport
  • boardwalk
  • bodyguard
  • superstar
  • tablespoon
  • timekeeper

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Understanding the roots of words, is a clever way to really know our language! 

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