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Dari pembacaan dalam teori Montessori. Kanak-kanak melalui tiga peringkat dalam berbahasa.
1. Percakapan/Oral (expressing themselves)
Enriching Experiences
Enriching Vocabulary (perbualan, 3 period lessons, cultural stories, songs, poems, and books).
The Classified Cards
2. Written (self expression through written form)
3. Reading (understand someone else’s thoughts)

Penulisan hanya disembahkan (offered) kedua selepas spoken language practice.

“In addition, the child is given the freedom to pace himself, granting him the ability to spend as much time as he needs to perfect movements and skills. Each child is treated with respect, as the directress is always an active listener. She kneels down to the child’s level when speaking with the child, looks into his or her eyes when being spoken to, uses the child’s name, and customizes her vocabulary and topics to each child. The directress has a true interest in what each child has to say.”

At times, the adult must initiate conversations.
Her role is to converse and demonstrate, not correct. She models expression and listening skills, and helps
the child to structure and order his thoughts by asking leading questions, indirectly rephrasing, and offering

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