Language,  Montessori

Spoken Language

From maitrilearning:

    • Natural conversations
    • Conversations at a picture
    • Poetry (memorized)
    • Songs (memorized)
    • Books
    • Reading classified books (e.g., At the Market)
    • Reading literature (e.g., The Dot)
    • True stories
    • Listen & Do
    • Furnishings & surroundings
    • Names of the exercises
    • Objects within exercises
    • Classifications (e.g., all brushes)
    • Entire exercise (all parts)
    • Double commands (touch the third rod and pick up the smallest brown stair)
    • Spoken classification (e.g., think of fruits)
    • Question games
    • News periods
    • Holiday discussions
    • 3-period lessons
    • Parts of the body
    • Sensorial material language
    • Classified vocabulary cards (groups of things)
    • Naming
    • Discussing (elicit definition)
    • Sorting
    • Matching
    • Sorting & Matching
    • Sound games
      • Level 1: Beginning sounds
      • Level 2: Beginning & ending sounds
      • Level 3: Beginning, ending, and any other sounds
      • Level 4; Beginning, ending, and every other sound

Notes: Lasts 3-5 minutes; Always teacher led; When children are
consistently successful with Level 1, introduce the sandpaper letters; When they have mastered the sandpaper letters AND are consistently successful with Level 4 sound games, introduce the movable alphabet

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