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Sounds Game

Langkah-langkah dirumuskan oleh What Did We Do All Day:

  1. Aural preparation of the child (in addition to the usual vocabulary building, stories, poems, songs, etc., this means all levels of the sound game (initial, middle, and ending sounds) with all 40 key sounds from American English.
  2. All sandpaper letters, single and double
  3. Moveable Alphabet
  4. Object boxes.
  5. In tandem with, before or after 4. (object boxes) Activity Word Game.
  6. Puzzle word cards
  7. Phonogram folders, dictionary, little handmade books or early readers
  1. Aural Preparation

Sound Game quoting What Did We Do All Day:

  1. Bunyi permulaan, satu objek sahaja jadi tiada ruang untuk salah.
  2. Bunyi permulaan, pilihan 2 objek atau lebih. Hanya satu objek yang betul.
  3. Bunyi permulaan, pilihan bahagian dalam bilik atau ruangInitial sound, choice of part of room or whole room. Many objects can be identified with the same sound.
  4. Initial sound and last sound played at both levels 2 or 3 as appropriate.
  5. All the sounds in the word played at level four, and then with any objects or words. The object does not have to be ‘spied’
  6. Take a sound and think as many words as you can that contain the sound either at the beginning or end of th eword or have the sound somewhere in between.

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