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Grace & Courtesy for Elementary Child

Currently I’m reading this article, Grace & Courtesy in the Elementary Community by Elise-Huneke Stone. 

Cara untuk ajar lesson ni pada elementary child (6-12) adalah berbeza dengan Primary children (3-6).

Mula-mula, faham ciri-ciri kanak-kanak di Second Plane.

  • Reasoning minds
  • Powerful imaginations; they are imaginative explorers
  • Gregariousness; they are attracted to group work; the peer group is important
  • Focus on cognitive order rather than physical order
  • Hero worship
  • Strong interest in fairness, justice, rules, morality
  • Desire to move beyond the limits of the classroom

Reasoning Mind

Instead of Primary kita directly beritahu macam ni cara kita basuh tangan, grace and courtesy lesson untuk elementary children kita beritahu kenapa kita buat macam tu. Minda mereka dah shift dari konkrit ke abstrak. They now have the abilty to imagine and they love doing it. Jadi masa present grace and courtesy kita banyak guna perkataan sebab. “Jangan pijak atas mat dengan kaki kotor sebab kita taknak kotorkan mat untuk kawan-kawan guna. 

Powerful Imagination

Mereka suka dan mempunyai daya imaginasi yang tinggi, jadi mereka suka dengan what if! 

What if we didn’t wash our
hands after cleaning the fish tank? What if we didn’t take turns at
the computer but just shoved each other aside when we wanted


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